Create the Game

  • Come to develop skills and make good things happen.
  • Calling all actors, artists, techies, games-makers, scientists, writers and activists!
  • Do you want to use your creative skills to take action on air quality, wildlife, food, climate, energy, waste and social disconnection? You have the power….
  • Come together to create the Big Green Game that will inspire South East London to live greener and smarter.

There is a free workshop during the Telegraph Hill Festival on Sunday 18th March, 3.00-5.30, in the BeBright training space.

This will generate ideas for what we hope will be an immersive game event to be played outdoors by the whole community, and which can keep spreading to make change happen.

Come along to share ideas, then afterwards help design and produce the game to do a trial run in late June. Future ideas include repeat plays in other places, a digital version, a display in the Hill Station and involving local businesses.

We aim to hold a networking event in May where you can get feedback from inspiring professionals, and progress your ideas.

This opportunity is mainly aimed at young adults, to help with networking, career development and potentially a brilliant outcome for your CV.

The workshop is part of a day of action on plastic and waste, Don’t Waste the Day, on March 18th, although the Big Green Game will explore a wider range of environmental topics.

Book your free place on Eventbrite here.

Learn about the brief here and inspiration material here

For more information contact us on

‘Us’ includes Candace Piette, Bridget McKenzie, Fatima Khuzem and Stella Williams.

big green call outv3-01-01



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