Inspiration material

The aim of the Big Green Game is to encourage action across a number of themes, levelling up from small personal actions to bigger social and systemic change.

Here is the beginning of a resource to inspire and support the game designers. Please suggest more by emailing

See the Pinterest board for Big Green Game

Resources about Games for Change:

The Games Research Network – includes free download of Catan: Global Warming

GoodGame: Ampersand Projects are developing research into participatory games and social good

Climate Games: Multiple creative actions during the Paris COP21

Matheson and Marcault: design games for events

World Climate Simulation: role playing exercise of the UN climate change negotiations

A review list of 19 climate games

Smashfest: An overarching narrative of an environmental disaster links science festival activities, produced by The Refinery.

Resources about environmental change:

Green spaces

Pocket parks in London

A Treetise (for trees)

Air pollution & air quality

Day of Action in Kings Heath in Birmingham

Human Sensor: Art that makes air pollution visible

Materials we use and waste

One less bottle – pledge to use a refillable water bottle  – tips for living plastic free  natural shampoo bar – no plastic bottles  borrowing library of things in Norwood toilet paper that funds toilet paper

Re-usable tampon applicator

The food that we eat  (US example)

Open Jar Collective

The energy we use

Understanding climate change 

Big Clean Switch 

The ways we care and connect

Action for Happiness 

The Work that Reconnects: Group activities and The Systems Game 

The importance of social connections for health

Multiple themes 



Transition Towns  and Transition Lewisham 

New Economics Foundation 

Alex Steffen, Empowering reading for smarter cities 

Daniel Christian Wahl, on designing regenerative cultures

Pinterest board on Ecological Innovation (focus on product design) 

Project Dirt platform to promote and connect community/sustainability projects

Good comprehensive list of actions for ethical living